State of Grace - Dear Grace

Just don’t do it

You are unique.  You are wonderful.  You are special. Go for it.  Seize the day.  It would just be better for the rest of us if... Continue

To the shopkeeper and café owner: it IS your job!

The ultimate responsibility for maintaining the decorum of a commercial venue lies squarely with the business owner.  Yes patrons... Continue

Home of the brave

As we journey on past Memorial Day, in our newly re-sanctioned summer whites, let’s linger a moment on the question of honoring military... Continue

No, you are not entitled to that

Our capitalist culture values initiative and rewards those of us that go after what we decide we want.  We praise those that work... Continue

You’re probably not all that interesting

Social networking tools are amazing aren’t they?  Facebook and twitter keep friends in touch, families “in the loop” and facilitate... Continue

Try keeping it to yourself

Personal opinions are a good thing – they contribute to our moral code, shape our behaviors, give us personality and sometimes, gravitas. ... Continue

Are you indiscreet?

Recently, Grace witnessed a troubling series of events and thinking about them later, she came to believe that the essential nature... Continue

Please Forgive Me – I Am a Drunken Reprobate.

Happy New Year, dear readers!  By this time, we all have been to an average of three holiday parties since Thanksgiving and we have... Continue

Occupy the holidays!

Man, there is a lot to talk about these days!  Class warfare, the long-term prospects for capitalism, the newly retired, self-proclaimed... Continue

You’re great! You’re fired!

All relationships are predicated on some kind or combination of currency, either in the form of actual money and all it buys, or in... Continue